Traits are the key component that provide randomness in the generative process. Each Trait corresponds to a list of possible Trait Values that, based on their rarity, might be chosen to be part of a generated NFT.

Traits and their values normally include both assigned Artwork and appear in the NFT's metadata. There are some circumstances where you don't want a trait to include artwork or metadata (that's where metadata-only and artwork-only traits come in).

  • Name: The Trait name that will be shown in the NFT's metadata.

  • Layer (z-index): The stacking order of the artwork for this trait. Lower numbered layers will appear below higher numbered layers in the final Composite.

  • Exclude from duplicate detection: Check this box for any Trait that should not be considered when detecting duplicates (ex. background color as recommended by SOL Big Brain).

  • Metadata-only Traits: use this for a Trait that should appear in Metadata, but is not associated with artwork. For example, a "role" or "favorite xyz".

  • Artwork-only Traits: use this to add artwork to the generation process that shouldn't be called out specifically in the metadata. One example might be adding a textured layer above the top layer of your Composite.

  • Always Unique: Trait Values are typically reused across many NFTs in a collection. It is only the combination of all Trait Values that are ensured to be unique. However, if you have a particular Trait that should be unique on its own (ex. a "Name"), you c

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