Conflicts describe rules for random combinations that you never want to appear together.

Conflicts can be described in many different ways. You might have a conflict between...

  • Two Traits

  • Two Values of the same Trait

  • Two Values of two different Traits

  • A Value of one Trait with ANY value of another Trait

Conflicts will not match if a Trait Value is "None".

Conflict resolution affects the overall rarity of your Trait's Values. If two values are defined to have 50% likelihood, but one of those values can conflict with many other Traits, you can expect that its representation in the overall collection will be lower.

When a conflict arises, you can opt to have it resolved in one of the following ways:

  • Set either Trait's Value to "None"

  • Choose a new Value randomly for either Trait

If you opt to choose a new random value, be sure to have other options available. Treat Toolbox will only attempt resolution a fixed number of times before giving up.

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