A Drop describes a collection of NFTs that will be available to mint.

Collections have several important properties:

  • Collection Name: How you refer to this drop. It may have the same name as your project, or it might describe a single generation if you plan to drop multiple collections within the same Project.

  • Creators: The User Group that will be encoded into the metadata to receive royalties from any secondary sales.

  • NFT Name: The name that will appear in an owners wallet when viewing their NFT. This field allows Metadata Templating.

  • Collection Type

    • Generative: these collections are created by merging many Artwork layers with transparent backgrounds chosen randomly through the Traits you define for them.

    • Pre-rendered: if your NFT artwork isn't random, but instead created in advance through a separate process, use this collection type.

  • Supply: The total number of NFTs that should be created in this Drop.

  • Seller Fee Basis Points: This is the fee you will take (and split with other creators) on any secondary market sales.

Important: Basis points are defined as 1/100 of 1%.

Example: To take a 5% fee of all secondary sales, enter 500 for Seller Fee Basis Points.

  • Symbol: Typically symbol isn't exposed to users, but it does live on the blockchain. Choose something representative of your collection. (Skeleton Crew chose SKULL as its symbol for example)

  • External **** NFT URL: provide a URL that each of your NFTs will offer a link to when viewed in the owners wallet. This field allows Metadata Templating.

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